Shawn est interviewé par Improfeest à propos du TheaterSports et de ses différences avec les autres formats compétitifs comme le Match d’Impro ou le ComedySportz. Il discute aussi longuement des origines et des motivations derrière la création du TheaterSports.

Sur le Match d’Impro :

It was interesting for me to talk with many South American Improvisers who have a frustrated attitude with “the Match”. Many feel reluctant to play it and are uninspired with it. On one side I think that there is something they could do to make themselves become more inspired (more basic skills) but on the other side, I think that the style of that format lends itself to limitations that do not enhance their experience and quality of work. (Limiting the time and numbers of people in a scene do nothing to help the scene or show when those decisions are arbitrary…) Formats need the ability to adapt to the moment. Being clever with packaging of your work is not a reasonable trade off to inspired work.

Source: Shawn Kinley sur la différence entre Match d’Impro et TheaterSports

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